Friday, 12 October 2007

October ASLI Update

Pathfinder Update:

The Pathfinder airframe is now at about 70% complete, the phenolic body tubes have been fully laminated using a seamless glass weave sock. Sourced from in the U.S.

As can be seen below the fin unit is near complete and consist of a phenolic tube core, with 4 MDF diamond aerofoil cores. Over which has been applied a first layer of uni-directional carbon, a sencond layer of light glass bi-directional mat is to be applied.

The Pathfinder is currently undergoing final finishing and will be painted ready for display at the end of year expos for both Adelaide and Flinders Universities.

A revised launch plan has been drafted which will see a low fidelity launch on a commercial Hypertek hybrid motor, from a launch site in Queensland. The full briefing document for the launch will be available from this blog page by the first week of November.

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