Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Airframe Parts Arrive

Over the last few weeks the numerous components of the Pathfinder airframe have arrived, from both local and international suppliers. For the purposes of strength and weight efficiency the airframe is based on a convolute wound paper/phenolic core, with a seamless glass/ epoxy overwrap.

Shown in the above picture from left to right:
1: Paper/Phenolic Airframe Tube (bare) 2: Paper/Phenolic Coupler Tube 3/6" Fiberglass Nose Cone 4: Paper/ Phenolic Airframe Tube w E-Glass Sock.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

HV Ignition sparker test

Students at Adelaide University conduct a test of the HV spark system, which will be used in the rocket motor fill & fire system.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Rocket motor components

We have over 70% of the hardware for our liquid propellant motor finished.

Parts shown from left to right: 1/ Head dome Nitrous Oxide tank 2/ Bottom dome/ injector plate 3/ Nozzle retainer/ aft boat tail

Parts shown from left to right: 1/ Head dome Nitrous Oxide tank 2/ Bottom dome/ injector plate 3/ Nozzle retainer/ aft boat tail

Close up of injector face showing press-fit pneumatic fittings used for propellant loading as per U/C valve concept.

We will be completing the motor for static testing & qualification on the 12th of July 2007, watch this space for video footage soon after.

ASLI welcomes LEAP Australia & Alibre to our list of supporters

The ASLI team has secured a new sponsorship agreement with leading engineering/ CAD software reseller LEAP Australia, and software developers Alibre.

LEAP Australia under agreement from Alibre, will supply the ASLI program with its powerful and easy to use CAD/ mechanical modelling software Alibre Design Professional for life of the program. Allowing our team to rapidly design, create and share virtual prototypes before committing to hardware.

We extend our thanks to Nathan Dwyer of LEAP Australia and the developers of Alibre Design.

For further info visit


Sunday, 17 June 2007

New 3D Drafts

Render of the Pathfinder 01 Airframe

Pathfinder 01 payload section takes shape


Welcome to the blog page for ASLI 2007 a multi-year effort to produce a nanospace launch capability, by bringing together leading academic institutions, rocketry experimentalist and industry supporters.

The corner stone of this year’s program is the development of the following systems:

1/ The Pathfinder 01 reusable sounding rocket - ASLI

2/ A new Nitrous Oxide/ Alcohol bi-propellant rocket motor - ASLI

3/ Rocket loading firing system – Adelaide University

4/ Rocket avionics including ARM/ Linux flight computer – Adelaide University

5/ INS, guidance processor & roll control thrusters – Flinders University

We have almost completed the rocket motor, and construction has commenced on the Pathfinder airframe.

Watch this space for updates, images, videos and progress post as we proceed toward our September 2007 launch date.