Sunday, 17 June 2007


Welcome to the blog page for ASLI 2007 a multi-year effort to produce a nanospace launch capability, by bringing together leading academic institutions, rocketry experimentalist and industry supporters.

The corner stone of this year’s program is the development of the following systems:

1/ The Pathfinder 01 reusable sounding rocket - ASLI

2/ A new Nitrous Oxide/ Alcohol bi-propellant rocket motor - ASLI

3/ Rocket loading firing system – Adelaide University

4/ Rocket avionics including ARM/ Linux flight computer – Adelaide University

5/ INS, guidance processor & roll control thrusters – Flinders University

We have almost completed the rocket motor, and construction has commenced on the Pathfinder airframe.

Watch this space for updates, images, videos and progress post as we proceed toward our September 2007 launch date.

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